Commercial Hydraulics and Specialised Services

Trade Waste & Backflow Prevention (RPZ’s)

Discharging trade wastewater to sewer is an operational, environmental and safety risk for a lot of commercial and industrial premises.

Discharging trade wastewater to a sewer system requires a trade waste approval. Businesses such as commercial kitchens, laundry’s, medical facilities require trade waste approval and as such require design and installation of an approved trade waste pre-treatment device.

Commercial and industrial premises connected to potable mains water service require some form of backflow prevention to protect mains water service from any backflow contamination that can be generated from the premises.

SPG & H can assist customers to select the appropriate trade wastewater pre-treatment and back flow prevention device ensuring they are installed correctly with the appropriate approvals.

Boilers, Heating & Steam

Commercial facilities including office buildings, schools, hospitals and nursing homes often utilise commercial boilers for their heating needs and requirements.

SPG&H can assist customers with boiler inspections and maintenance carried out on a yearly, half yearly and/or quarterly basis.

Aged Care, Health Services, TMV’s & Warm Water Systems

All aged care and health care facilities in NSW require hot water temperature control in all patient access areas.

SPG & H can design, install and maintain thermostatically controlled mixing valves or warm water systems to comply with Health NSW Standards.

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